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We import a range of products into New Zealand and supply local quality products

We can also design and supply items for your complete alternative power needs, for House, Baches, Motorhomes, Boats, Camping etc.

We can also put you in touch with local installers that can complete your systems

If you have not found what you are after on these pages, feel free to contact us to see if we can source it for you

Alternative Power for your House  

If you are serious about alternative power for your house contact us so we can design a setup for you, Off Grid we will base this around your load demand and peak power use. So we will need to get some information first. Remember to live on alternative power you must be very energy wise, low watt lighting, hot water from solar, gas wetback or some other form, and cooking from gas or other means. We will give you a estimate to start with and if still interested can arrange a full quote

Please note for House systems we do not arrange installs out of Hawkes Bay and Central Hawkes Bay, but can supply all equipment

We also live by what we sell, we have a Solar Grid Connect system on our roof at work and at home, interested in Solar Grid System, come and have a look at a system working

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This does not apply to online orders when using the bank transfer option, or by payment at our shop using Eftpos or Debit cards