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The product is designed to redirect surplus solar energy into a hot water cylinder. Suits systems best if there is more than 3kW of solar

The system is constantly monitoring if any surplus of energy is available, storing your electricity as warm water will help you save money and use the maximum capacity of your solar panels.

Following the power companies' changes to the solar buy-back rates, a New Zealand company has developed and manufactured a unit similar to the Immersun, making better use of their solar energy, which was previously sent back to the retailer for as little as 7 cents/kW and then bought back for up to 28 cents/kW later in the day
Diversion current 15 amps
AC 230 volt
50 Hz
Max continous power 3kW
Single phase
CT probe cable 3m
4 line display
20 x 7.5 x 12cm
0.9 kg
IP65 rated
2 year warranty

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