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J- Ctek MXT-4.0 - 4 amp 24 volt



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Ctek MXT-4.0 charger the smartest battery charger available 

Eight Step Fully Automatic 

Electronic switch mode smart 
battery charger for all 24v systems 8-100 Ah Up to 250Ah maintenance 

Revives, charges checks and maintains virtually all types of 24V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, GEL and AGM) 
Desulphation mode with pulses 
Soft start for severely discharged batteries. 
Recondition mode with controlled top charging recovers the capacity of a severely discharged battery. 
Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and gives superb performance 
Supply mode for use as a power pack, battery backup (UPS) or float maintenance 
Charges even drained batteries 
Temperature compensated for optimal charging voltage at all times. 
Low back current drain, low ripple and input voltage independent 
High efficiency 85% 
The charger can be connected for months ideal for seasonal vehicles 
Compact design with mounting holes for permanent assembly 
5 year warranty 

the charger will not damage vehicle electronics The battery does not normally need to be disconnected from the vehicle when charging 
Minimal gas build-up and a patent pending spark protection system 
Short circuit and reverse polarity protected 
Cooling with power controlled fan 
Approved for outdoor use (IP65) 
Progressive temperature protection 

Bulk Main part of the charge cycle and about 80% of the charge is returned 

Absorbtion Final part of the charge The voltage is kept constant until the current has dropped to a very low level. 

Pulse The state of charge is between 95% and 100%. This gives minimum water loss and maximum life 

191 x 89 x 48 mm 
0.8 kg 

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