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W- Power Train PTCT30A DC to DC charger 30 amps 12 volt

Power Train


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Battery Charger DC to DC Charging and VSR In One Solution

Ideal for caravans, motorhomes, boats or anywhere dual battery 12 volt to 12 volt charging is required.
If you require 24 volt to 12 volt see our Redarc units

A DC to DC charger overcomes the problems associated with a VSR (voltage sensitive relay) or split charging systems that can struggle to charge correctly an auxiliary battery due to voltage drop or different battery chemistry, etc.

A simple push of a button to set the charging profile to suit battery chemistry: GEL, calcium or lead acid/AGM. Once selected, the charger will store this in the memory.
Three(3) stage smart charging:
The unit micro-processor controller will protect against overcharging the auxiliary battery and ensures the main batteries is not discharged below 12.4 volts.

Model PTCD12V30A
Charge Type 3 Stage Pulse Charge
Input Voltage 12.8 to 16 VDC
Charging Start Voltage 12.8 VDC
Min Start Voltage (Aux Battery) 1.5 VDC
Battery Type Selectable Gel/Calcium/Lead Acid-AGM
Soft Start Yes
Equilisation Automatic
Output Voltage (absorption) 14.3V Gel/15.3V Cal/14.7V LA-AGM
Output Voltage (Float) 13.3V ?13.8V Cal/13.8V LA-AGM
Output Current 30 Amp 
Battery Range (Automotive) 150-550 CCA 300-800 CCA
12 month warranty

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