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DC to DC Charger 40 amp, with Solar Regulator



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The Thunder DC to DC Charger (TDR02040) utilises a unique pulse charging algorithm with the intelligence to determine the best charge rate for your auxiliary battery (excluding lithium).  Included in this state of the art product is an MPPT solar regulator that is able to regulate up to 550W of solar @ 25V, this means that the TDR02040 will regulate your solar panel at maximum efficiency.


The TRD02040 is also a battery isolator , 8 stage battery charger from the vehicle and 3 stage battery charger from the solar all in one , Isolating the start battery with the ignition off and including charge functions of  BOOST , FLOAT and ABSORPTION charge. This unit will also compensate for low voltage wiring to it and the auxiliary battery DOES NOT RELY on the alternator to receive it's charge rate which in a lot of cases is not the optimum anyway, So if you need more battery capacity from your system consider this as an alternative you may have enough , just the Auxiliary battery may not be getting it's full charge.This unit also features MPPT ( maximum power point tracking ) solar regulator for connecting in with a solar panel system as well.

With a 40A output the TDR02040 may enough power to charge your auxiliary battery ( subject to how many amp hours they are ) while you are driving. Once the vehicle is turned off, the DC to DC charger will switch to the solar input when the main battery drops to 11.9V. An easy to read display shows your battery charge percentage and a Thunder logo that lights up in 10% increments.

Over temperature protection
Over charge protection this unit will automatically adjust its output based on battery and ambient temperature, preventing overcharge and overheating in small batteries and hotter climates.
Reverse connection protection will detect and indicate a reversed connection on the input and output terminals preventing damage to the internal circuitry of the unit.
Over and under voltage protection will automatically shut down if it detects an over voltage or under voltage problem preventing damage to the battery.
Spark-free protection the charger will not begin charging unless the load is securely connected, preventing output leads from sparking due to accidental short circuit.

Model: TRD02040
Dimensions: 255mm long x 130mm wide x 55mm high
Weight: grams 
Charging style: 8 stage from vehicle and 3 stage from solar
Input: 12.2 to 17.0* Volts DC *
Output voltage: 13.1V-15.2V (stops charging when alternator or vehicle battery below 12.2V )
Output current: 40 Amps
Minimum start voltage for 2nd battery: 1.5 Volts
Solar input voltage: 13 - 25 Volts
Maximum solar watt input: 550 Watts
Soft start: Yes
Battery range: 60 to 500Ah

1x Genuine Thunder TDR02040 dc to dc charegr with installation instructions
3x Terminal Covers
4x Insulators
4x Mounting screws

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