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AAAA- Juntek Battery Monitor 0 to 100 volts 300 amp


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Multi-function voltage and current meter can measure the voltage, current, power, watt-hour, temperature and the real-time capacity and discharging time in the charging and discharging process of the DC circuit.
The instrument is divided into two parts: measurement module and display module. The display module adopts 1.8-inch high-definition colour LCD display, which is very suitable for monitoring the battery capacity of the electric vehicle and monitoring the working status of the DC circuit.
The buttons use Press buttons with features of high sensitivity and long service life.
The measurement module needs to be connected in series to the circuit under test, and the measured data is sent to the display module for display. The data between them can be transmitted via USB cable(1 meter long);it can also be wirelessly transmitted through the built-in wireless module. The wireless transmission distance is up to 10 meters.
The measuring module can detect the current in both directions. It is not necessary to change the wiring mode during the charge and discharge of the battery, and the wiring is convenient.(In battery charging mode, the current value is preceded by a "-" as a marker to distinguish it from the battery discharge mode.)
Colour: silver grey
Material: metal+ plastic
Package Contents:
1 * display module
1 * measurement module
1 * temperature sensor
1 * USB cable
1 copy * English manual

Model: VAT-1300VAT
Voltage measurement range: 0-120V
Voltage accuracy: 0.01V
Current measurement range: 0-300A
Current accuracy: 0.01A
Temperature measurement range: -20 ℃ -120 ℃
Capacity display range: 1% -99% (with battery symbol display)
Power measurement range: 0-200KW
Power accuracy: 0.001W
An hour measuring range: 0-2000KAH
Capacity accuracy: 0.001AH
Watt-hour measurement range: 0-4000KWH
Watt-hour accuracy: 0.001WH
Time measurement range: 0-99 days (calculated as days / hours. Minutes. Seconds; full 24 hours a day)
Time accuracy: 1 second
Communication distance: open up to 10 meters
Measuring board power consumption: 0.4W
Display header power consumption: 0.5W (5V 0.1A)
Display header size: 98 × 54 × 21 (MM)
Measurement Module Size: 113 × 56 × 49 (MM)

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