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What is Grid Connected Solar?

Grid Connected Inverter
A grid connected inverter efficiently converts solar electricity for use in your building and controls the flow of electricity between your home and the grid. It also stores and displays this information for you to view.

Solar Panels
Your solar panels will generate clean electricity from sunrise until sunset. The only required input is sunlight. There are no moving parts, no emissions, no noise, and no fuel. Beautifully simple, reliable, and efficient.

There are now a large range of batteries available for Solar Grid connect systems, we sell many units but SolaX being our most popular

No Changes
Your home electricity system stays the same and you can continue to use all of your appliances whenever you so desire. The only change you will notice is the reduction of your monthly power bill.

Designing Your System

Cellpower designs and installs systems for residential and commercial properties

When designing a grid-connected home energy system to meet your requirements, there are a number of things to be taken into account, such as:

  • The renewable resources available on your property
  • Your annual energy requirements
  • The design of your home
  • Your budget
  • Your power supplier
  • Your expectations

Assessing the Site

Cellpower has a basic worksheet that we fill out. This will enable us to gather some of the required information. This is a site assessment form that gives us the details of the property’s location, the house design, your energy consumption and alternative energy sources in the area.We also ask to see some of your old power bills to get an idea of your present energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency

It is important to ensure that your home is energy efficient. This is to avoid the cost of installing a system that is larger than necessary And it is far cheaper to save power then to produce it

Financial Viability

As well as reducing your monthly power bill, our grid connected energy systems will add value to your home.Both of these factors should be taken into account when investigating the viability of implementing such a system.

Power Prices Will Keep Rising

Over the last 10 years power prices have increased at a rate of around 7.0% per year This needs to be taken into account when planning the future, and working out your payback, typically 7 to 9 years

Return on Investment

The size of the solar system that you install will determine your Return on investment,which will generally range between 8% and 11%. One of the keys to return is the system size, it is all about what you can use during the day, as this is the best return, the return will lower the more you export. So every house can be differant. Commercial systems always have a better return as power use is mainly during the day

Energy Retailer Offers

  • Meridian Energy 17 cents solar plan 12 cents standard per kWh                       

  • Nova Energy 7.4 cents per kWh
    Contact Energy 8 cents per kWh                        

  • Greypower 7 cents per kWh 

  • Trustpower  7 cents per kWh                              

  • Black Box Power 7 cents per kWh 

  • Genesis approx 12 cents per kWh                      

  • Powershop 13 cents per kWh 

  • Mercury Energy 8.5 cents per kWh                        

  • Frank Energy 11 cents per kWh 

  • Ecotricity 12 cents per kWh                                   

  • Flick, currently on trial with Home Harvest

  •  Pulse Energy 7 cents per kWh                            

  • Pulse Energy 7 cents per kWh

  • Poweredge 17 cents per kWh

  • Comtricity 14 to 15 cents per kWh

  • Electric Kiwi 12.5 cents move master 8 cents standard per kWh

Quotes & the Process

  1. Arrange for a site visit from Cellpower at no cost
  2. If you are happy with the quote you can sign and return and pay a 20% deposit
  3. Balance of payment due on completion of install
  4. If you need to switch power companies do this as soon as possible, we can then apply to the lines company for permission to connect, once this has been accepted we will send in the application to your retailer for Distributed Generation and advise you of install date

NOTE: we will generally be finished prior to the import/export meter being fitted

Our Installs

Why Choose Cellpower?

Locally owned and operated since 2001.

We Specialize in Solar Power systems, Locally, New Zealand wide and to the Pacific Islands.

We are a member of SEANZ, and all installs are completed by a registered electrician.

We based all quotes on our recommendations equipment wise, however you may have another preference, Cellpower's policy is to match or better any written quote.

You can see some of our installs here, and also check us out on our Facebook page to see some of our work.

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