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EE - LS1024EPD - 10 amp 12/24 volt IP67




IP rated for use outdoors 

Excellent unit for 12 or 24volt systems 

Use with panels up to 140 watt 12 volt or 280 watt 24 volt 

Model: LS1024EPD 
Max Charge Current: 10 Amps 
Load current if used 10 amps 
System Voltage: 12/24V 
IP67 rated 
Pulse width modulated shunt regulator 
Temperature compensation 
Automatically detects 12 or 24 volt system 
Auto equalization 
Float charge 
Schottky diode prevents reverse current at night 
MOSFET switching 
Overvoltage protection 
Reverse polarity protected 
LED-display of charging function 
Voltage-display by changing color 
Can be used on sealed or flooded batteries 
108 x 75 x 25mm

24 month warranty

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