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A- Power Train PTC12V6 6 amp 12 volt

Power Train


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12 Volt - 7 Stage - 6 Amp Smart Battery Charger

Perfect for charging and maintaining 12v - Car, 4wd, RV, Marine and light commercial batteries

The PTC12V6A7SL charger is controlled by a sophisticated on board programming, enabling quick and safe charging as it implements a 7 stage charging algorithm
This Automatic charger can remain connected to the battery without risk of overcharging, as the internal electronics will stop the charging when the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger monitors the battery voltage and continues to top up & to maintain the battery, keeping it fully charged and ready for use.

The PTC12V6A7SL is packaged with standard charger clips, along with an interchangeable ring terminal charging

Heavy duty design.
IP65 Water resistance rated.
CE, EMC, SAA & C-Tick Approved.
Selectable for GEL, Lead Acid / AGM and Calcium charging modes.
Charging state LED indicators.
Charges from zero volts.
Fully automatic 7 stage charging system.
Desulphation mode with pulses and soft start for severely discharged batteries.
Charges flat batteries, and can recover the capacity of a discharged battery.
Maintenance stage pulse charging increases battery life and gives increased performance.
The charger can be connected and left running for months, without fear of overcharging or damaging the battery.
Protection against: Reverse polarity, short circuit, overload, and high temperatures.
Maintenance stage pulse charging increases battery life and gives increased performance.
Compact design with mounting holes for permanent fitting if required.
No fan for silent operation.
Output Current 6amp
Output Voltage (Nom) 12 Volt
Input Voltage 175-255VAC/50-60Hz
Battery Type Selectable Gel/Calcium/Lead Acid-AGM
Charge stages 7 Stages
Delsulphation High Frequency Pulse
Bulk charge Maximum current until preset voltage reached
Absorption Constant voltage with automatic amperage control
Analysis Analyse the battery condition
Boost Higher voltage charge at limited current
Maintain/Float Pulse to maintain maximum charge
Output Voltage (Bulk) 14.3V Gel / 31.2V Cal / 14.8V LA & AGM
Output Voltage (Absorption) 14.3V Gel / 15.6V Cal / 14.8V LA & AGM
Output Voltage (Float) 13.3V Gel /13.7V Cal / 13.7V LA & AGM
Battery Range (Charge) up to 700CCA or 100A/h
Battery Range (Maintain) up to 1000CCA or 200A/h
12 month warranty

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