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D- Power Train PTC40A 40 amp 12 volt

Power Train


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The Power Train battery charger are designed to effectively charge all automotive and industrial type batteries. Manufactured to the latest design parameters and highest quality levels, they incorporate a unique micro-processor controlled eight stage pulse charging system which intelligently assesses battery condition and size, to make battery charging much safer, and more effective - thus prolonging battery life.

They are ideal for Automotive, Motorhomes, horse trucks and marine applications, to ensure the correct, safest and BEST method of charging a high capacity 12V battery bank or individual batteries.

Accurate voltage and current detection, monitoring on both AC input and DC output.
Optimally designed charging cycle designed for lead acid, SLA, Gel, deep cycle and calcium batteries.
Complete eight stage pulse charging cycle including: desulphation
soft start, bulk, absorption, analysis (battery fault diagnosis), boost, float, maintenance stage
Automatic adjustment of charging voltages according to environmental temperature.
Overcharge protection - protecting the batter from damage due to overcharging.
LED display simultaneously showing charging voltage, amperage and percentage of battery charge(99% flashing when fully charged)
Battery testing function while charging (faulty batteries will acitvate the "faulty battery" indicator L.E.D and the warning alarm).
Built in automatic cooling fan.
Output Current 40A
Output Voltage (Nom) 12V
Input Voltage 175-255VAC / 50-60Hz
Battery type selectable Gel/Calcium/Lead Acid -AGM
Chargeable battery type 17A/H to 800 A/H
Working Temperature: -15°C to 40°C
High Temperature Protection
Ouput Voltage (Bulk) 14.2V Gel / 15.6V Cal / 14.7V LA & AGM
Ouput Voltage (Absorption) 14.2V Gel / 15.6V Cal / 14.7V LA & AGM
Output Voltage (Float) 13.3V Gel / 13.7V Cal / 13.7V LA & AGM
Dimension 333 x 235 x 90mm
12 month warranty

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