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E- Victron 6/12 volt 1.1 amp Lithium compatible



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Victron Blue Smart Chargers 
The seven-step smart charge algorithm maximises battery health and is able to recover fully discharged (dead) batteries. Built-in Bluetooth connects to the Victron Connect App on your smartphone so you can display state of charge, see charge history and fine tune charging parameters which is particularly useful when charging LIFEPO4 batteries to their factory specs. They charge LIFEPO4 batteries as well as AGM and Lead Acid and are highly efficient. Power Supply mode allows you to run any 12V device directly off the charger without the need for a battery. All models are IP65 waterproof and backed with a 5 year warranty.
Supports batteries from 4Ah up to 32Ah
Supports Lead Acid, AGM, Gel and LIFEPO4 batteries
7 stage charge algorithm: Test/Bulk/Absorption/Recondition/Float/Storage/Refresh
Bluetooth Connectivity via the Victron Connect App shows charging status as well as a graphical view and historical usage statistics for the past 40 charge cycles, and expert settings can be set for optimum charging
Built-in LEDs and one-button operation sets and shows the charging status and battery condition
Power supply mode gives you the ability to run 12V products at a stable amperage for long periods of time without the use of a battery
Short circuit protection, overload protection and safety timer protection
High efficiency and silent operation
IP65 splash and dustproof
Supplied with 1.5m power lead with protected battery clamps and M6 eye terminals depending whether temporarily or permanently charging
Standby power consumption < 0.5W
Operating temperature -30°C to +50°C
5 year warranty
Dimensions 38 x 64 x 153mm (h x w x d), Weight 0.4kg
Charge Voltage:
Absorption: Normal: 7,2 V | 14,4 V High: 7,35 V | 14,7 V Li-ion: 7,1 V | 14,2 V
Float: Normal: 6,9 V | 13,8 V High: 6,9 V | 13,8 V Li-ion: Disabled
Storage: Normal: 6,6 V | 13,2 V High: 6,6 V | 13,2 V Li-ion: 6,75 V | 13,5 V
Charge Amperage:
Normal charge mode 1.1A, low current mode 0.5A

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