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E- Victron Inverter Pure Sine 12/375




The Victron Phoenix 12/375 is a small sine inverter with a constant output of 300W. It converts a 12V DC voltage into 230V AC with pure sine wave, suitable to supply even sensitive electronic devices.

Its efficiency level is very high and thanks to the integrated ECO-mode one of the highest in this class.

Technical data:
300W constant output at 230V 50Hz sine voltage
for 12V battery voltage, works with all common battery types
230V AC current with pure sine wave provides perfect current quality
5v USB output to charge smartphones, MP3-players, tablets,...
Integrated ECO-mode: In this mode the inverter switches to standby as soon as the load falls under a predefined value.
High starting performance: This is needed to activate loads like LED-drivers, halogen lamps or electrical tools.
Remote controlled on/off-switching possible: A remote on/off-switch can be installed via a bipolar plug between the battery's +-pole and the left contact of the plug.
Product Type 12V DC
Manufacturer Victron Energy
Constant AC-performance 300W
Input Voltage (V DC) 9.2 - 17
Rated Output Voltage 230V AC
No-Load Self-Consumption 5.2W
Frequency Range 50Hz / +-0,1Hz oder 50Hz / +-0,1Hz
Standby Self-Consumption 0.9W
Temperature Range -40°C 65°C
Protection IP IP21
Peak Performance 700W
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 8,6 x 16,5 x 26 cm
Weight 3,41

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