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H- Victron Inverter Pure Sine 12/1200



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The victron Phoenix 12/1200 is an inverter with 1000W constant output. This sine inverter converts 12V DC (battery) into 230V AC. It was developed for industrial use and is suitable for many different applications

Allows high peak-currents to start devices with a initial consumption of 2400W!

1000W constant output, for all 12V batteries / battery banks
pure sine wave
converts 12V Dc into 230V AC (pure sine)
low consumption and high efficiency
bipolar alarm-contact which can be used to connect a on-/off-remote control
very high starting currents
Phoenix inverters can easily handle high starting currents of, for example, refrigerating compressors, tools and others
Product Type 12V DC
Manufacturer Victron Energy
Constant AC-performance 1000W
Input Voltage (V DC) 9.2 - 17.3V
Rated Output Voltage 230V AC
No-Load Self-Consumption 8W
Standby Self-Consumption 2W
Temperature Range -40°C 50°C
Protection IP IP20
Peak Performance 2400W
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 10,4 x 19,4 x 30,5 cm
Weight 8,50

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