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F- Biomagic 500ml x 4

Bio Magic



Note this is for 4 x 500ml bottles

BIOMAGIC is a non-toxic, 100% biodegradable waste treatment suitable for cassette toilets or small waste tanks. BIOMAGIC will eliminate odour and help break down solids (Total toilet paper liquification in as little as 6 hours).BIOMAGIC works with nature by supplying large amounts of oxygen to the bacteria, turning them hyper-aerobic. In this state they rapidly consume the waste and even pathogens while producing no odour.Non staining, non-poisonous, safe on skin, 100%Biodegradable, septic tank safe, long drop safe.
Cassettes up to 20L approx 60ml in bottom tank mixed with approx 1.5l water
50ml in top tank which will help keep the bowl and seal clean

Grey water add approx 100ml to 100L of grey water, via the sink or shower to eleminate odour

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