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A- Atwood LP and Gas Alarm



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LP & CO Gas Alarm protects your family by detecting both LP & CO Gas.
Uses Atwood's patented fuel cell technology
Dual Power Source: Uses both chassis and battery power
Flush mount design with loud alarm

Atwoods Patented Fuel Cell Technology: The electrochemical sensor contains a protein conducting membrane which generates a current in the presence of Carbon Monoxide (CO). This current is measured; information is processed and displayed on the Alarm. The sensor is more accurate, uses less current is is less sensitive to humidity and other gases than competitive models

The Atwood LPCO Alarm operates in six separate modes.
1) Power Off Mode: Visually indicates sufficient and insufficient power to the alarm.
2) Gas Sensing Mode: Continually monitors gas concentrations to ensure they're at acceptable levels.
3) Alarm Activate Mode: Indicates that one or more gas concentrations have reached unsafe levels. Visually and audibly alarms to alert to potential dangerous situation.
4) Alarm Test Mode: Visually and audibly verifies proper alarm operation.
5) Alarm Reset/Stabilisation Mode: Silences audio alarm for 6 minutes. Verifies proper alarm operation. If gas concentrations are still high after the six minutes the alarm will sound once again.
6) Fault Mode: Indicates a fault has been detected that compromises the alarm. Consult your manual.

The alarm must be wired into the vehicle 12V DC system and directly connected to the house battery through an appropriate fuse. A second power wire allows a connection to an auxiliary 12V DC battery for additional protection.

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