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R- Shoto 2V EXC Series Extreme Cycle Lead Carbon



These Lead Carbon Battery Options are Price on Application, we need to make sure you are getting the right option for your system. So please send us an email, or phone with what you would like and we will be able to quote for you
EXC series extreme cycle lead carbon cells are the latest generation of batteries to be added to the Shoto battery family. This product is specially designed for renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power storage systems, based on international advanced lead-carbon technology. Its performance parameters have reached a new level of performance and delivers ultra-high cycling performance and premium quality.

EXC series batteries are the perfect solution for the challenging operating conditions of energy storage and other extreme off-grid applications.

Grid alloy and structure, active material formula, battery case material and electrolyte compositions are optimized, and products conform to the YD/T799-2010, GB/T22473-2008, IEC61427:2005 and IEC60896-2:2004 standards.

Ideal for PSOC(30% – 90%) cycle applications and can achieve 7,800 cycles at 50% D.O.D. Super quick charge performance, reduces charging time by 50%

15,500 Cycles at 20% D.O.D
7,800 Cycles at 50% D.O.D
3,800 Cycles at 70% D.O.D

Designed service life of 25 years
High cycle service life – 7,800 Cycles @ 50% D.O.D
Excellent deep cycle performance
Superior PSOC cycling performance
Fast charge performance – reduces charging time by 50%
Three year warranty
Superior low current discharge performance
Better high temperature performance
Stronger constant power discharge capability
Better charge reception capability

Available in the following models, 300 ahr to 8000 ahr, and can be made into 24 volt or 48 volt banks, also able to supply the battery racks to suit


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