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SolaX Triple Power Battery



Battery Solax HV Triple Power T63
The Solax battery incorporates state-of-the-art technology with extensive experience in the photovoltaic solar energy storage sector. The Triple Power is a high-voltage lithium battery expandable in modules, reaching capacities of 25,2kWh.

An innovative high-voltage battery designed for both residential and industrial use, new improvements in battery density, better power delivery, easy installation and compatible with Solax solar inverters.

Characteristics Solax Triple Power T63 Battery
More than 6000 download cycles at 90% DoD
99% faradic charge efficiency
Safe and comfortable
Mounting on floor or wall.
Small and compact
Protection by software.
The simplicity and modularity of the Triple Power T63 makes it suitable for making small (1 only module) and large (up to 4 modules) capacity accumulation systems and extensible according to the energy needs of the home or business.

Inverters Compatible with the Triple Power T63 HV

We use these with SolaX X1 and X3 HV Inverters, and the retrofit range, 1 to 3 batteries on the single phase options and 2 to 4 batteries on the 3 phase options

Technical Specifications of the SolaX Triple Power T63 6.3kWh Lithium Battery
Nominal voltage (Vcc): 100.8Vdc

Operating Voltage (Vdc): 85-118

Nominal capacity (kWh): 6.3kW

Max charge / discharge Current (A): 30A

We recommend the charge / discharge current (A): 25A

Standard power (kW): 2.5kW

Maximum power (kW): 3kW

Dimension (mm): 464x193x588

Weight: 67.5 kg

Efficiency of the faradic load (25ºC): 99%

Round trip battery efficiency (C 3, 25ºC): 95%

Useful life (100% DOD, 25ºC): 6000 cycles

Operating temperature: -10 + 45ºC

Optimum operating temperature: 15-30ºC

Protection: IP55

Scalability: Up to 4 modules of the same model,  different models cannot be mixed.

Warranty: 10 years

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