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Battery Breaker ZJBeny in case 250 amp




ZJ Beny BDM series PV DC moulded case circuit breaker application in protecting the battery systems and energy storage systems, with over load protection and short circuit protection. Rated voltage is 500VDC. Rated current up to 250A. Ensure the solar PV systems including batteries operating well and high efficiency. 

BDM Series PV DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) are mainly used in large solar power system, especially as breakers between system and batteries, or in conjunction with solar DC combiner box, Inverter and DC power distribution cabinet. Rated voltage up to 500V DC, current up to 80A, with the function of overload protection and short-circuit protection. 

High Short-Circuit/Breaking Capacity
Protection functions: Overload, Short circuit, Infrequent operation
Rated voltage up to 500V DC
rated current: 250A 
IEC60947-2, GB14048-2
Easy Installation
BDM-250A With IP65 water Enclosure 

2 pole

165 x 79 x 95mm

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