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SolaX T-Bat 3.6kWh modular system



SolaX modular system each module is 3.6kWh, can be stacked as 

T-BAT HS7.2, 2 modules minimum for single phase, T-BAT HS10.8, 3 modules T-BAT HS14.4, 4 modules minimum for 3 phase, T-BAT HS18.0, 5 modules T-BAT HS21.6, 6 modules T-BAT HS25.2, 7 modules, all the way to 9 modules for a single stack and 13 modules for a twin stack


Max.50A continuous charging and discharging current

Unique battery heating technology, which is capable to work at low temperature

Safe and Reliable

Reliable LFP battery cell

IP65 for both indoor and outdoor installation

Soft start protecting batteries and inverters from a sudden surge

Cycle life > 6000 times

Easy Installation

Stackable modules, Easy and fast for single person installation

Pre-wired communication cables for plug and play

Remote diagnosis and update via inverter

Max. charge/discharge current 50A
Max. operating altitude 3000m
Dimensions (L*W*H) TBMS-MCS0800(BMS): 510*365*157mm
TP-HS3.6(Battery): 510*365*152mm
Series Box: 510*365*152mm
Net weight TBMS-MCS0800(BMS): 10kg
TP-HS3.6(Battery): 33.5kg

Works with SolaX X1 and X3 Gen 4 hybrid Inverters

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