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A Camec 100ahr 12 volt battery Lithium - Pick up only




pick up only

Whilst the initial cost of buying an LFP battery is higher than an SLA battery, the achievable tangible and intangible benefits can outweigh the initial investment cost. The Camec LFP battery is developed with basic functionality, leveraging on the advantages of the battery cell chemistry, to enable this great product to be a great alternative to an SLA battery.

Long cycle life
Fast and efficient charging
Wide temperature range

Nominal Voltage (V): 12.8
 Nominal Capacity (Ah): 100
Charge Cut-off Voltage (V): 14.6
Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V): 10.0
Life Cycle @80% DoD (Cycle): 2,000
Standard Charge Current (A): 50
Max. Charge Current (A): 100
Continuous Discharge Current (A): 100
Maximum Discharge Current @10s (A): 200
Dimensions (mm): 307 x 169 x 215mm
Terminal: M8
Casing: ABS
Working Temperature (C): Charge: 0 to 55, Discharge: -20 to 60
IP Protection Level: IP65
Weight: 10kg
Dimensions: 307 X 169 X 215 mm
Warranty: 36 months

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